What’s going to impact your business in 2019 and Introducing fresh updates to Workforce Consultants

We teased some new changes coming in the new year about Workforce Consultants and now we are here!  It is our objective with this article to inform you about our new look and feel, but more importantly, we want to provide some important business information (no fluff)  that you need to know.

Employment Laws and Safety Updates. What are the chances that Your Business will be sued this year?

Most employers understand the widely publicized changes for minimum wage changes.  Some may not know that California minimum wage requirements range from $11 per hour to $16 per hour, depending on your Company Size and Location within our state.

Federal laws for the new year highlight EBSA rules to expand health plan protections for moral and religious beliefs, along with OSHA training requirements and more.

New California laws are again many and complexed.  Highlights include changes to PAGA liability, Lactation accommodations, Interview restrictions, Cal OSHA Recordkeeping, Family Disability Insurance, updates for Employer References and more.

Core California laws are long standing and still create so many problems, lawsuits and regulatory penalties for many California employers.  Perhaps the most challenging for most employers include:

  • Requirements for Meal and Rest periods for employees
  • Training and response to Sexual and Unlawful Harassment
  • Violating Restrictive Covenants in the Hiring Process
  • Classifying (well, misclassifying) Employees as Independent Contractors
  • Classifying (again, misclassifying) Managers (yes, Managers) and Employees as FLSA “Exempt” from overtime
  • Not protecting Confidential Information with appropriate documentation
  • Enforcing behaviors without clearly written and clearly available Employment Policies

Our research and experience suggest that as a California Employer you have about a 20% chance of being sued by one employee or a group of your employees in 2019.  Understanding how these laws impact your business is essential to protecting your business from unnecessary lawsuits and penalties.  As a starting point we always recommend updating your Employee Handbook every year, train every employee on your policies and create a paper trail for this process.






Your HR Programs need a Promotion of Priority this Year or you will risk leaving behind major top line and bottom line Business Results

When our Business Development team speaks with new Client Prospects and ask about their HR Programs, the standard response is “We’re fine in HR”.  We have also surveyed a group of business owners who have responded with almost the exact same statement.   Many business leaders rank their HR programs about Priority #32, which is  two spots below carbon paper. We’re kidding a little, but the mindset of HR being a necessary cost center is common.  Unfortunately, we know the Business Leader truly believes her/his statements commonly shared with us that “We’re fine in HR”.

This seems critical right?  The intention of this article is not meant to offend anyone, but we do want to be Bold by saying:  Nothing will impact your business growth or business stagnation in 2019 more than Real and Integrated HR Programs.  We don’t mean HR programs are fine by just complying with Payroll Administration, Basic Hiring, Employee Firings and an updated Employee Handbook.  This level of thinking is similar to supplying your Technology team with CP/M-86 version 1.0 operating system, while expecting your company to compete using data information with the best firms in your business class.


We know that a mid-size business with 50 to 250 employees can achieve sustainable revenue trends that outpace their own current trends by a mile.  If a business leader is satisfied with growing a modest rate of 4%, as yourself why……Why not set the growth goal by 25%. If your business wants substantial growth HR will be a key priority if the company is willing to change it’s strategic culture around the human element and everything that it has to offer.  Unless your product is vastly different from anything in the market place, the human element will be the difference maker.  Business leaders must fully commit to Real and Integrated HR Programs.

  Let’s highlight a few tips:

  • Reinvent the entire Recruitment and On-Boarding program to reflect the profile of top Sales and Client facing Service Professionals
  • Protect top performing client facing personnel with development and strategic rewards
  • Regularly replace bottom performers throughout the organization that do not respond to coaching and development programs to consistently achieve results
  • Understand the pulse by surveys and communication, then improve Employee engagement by taking action
  • Create Standard processes (SOP) that focus on Quality and Efficiency throughout the organization
  • Insist on a continuous Training and Learning environment for all Employees and Supervisors
  • Protect the company from avoidable liabilities, such as regulatory, safety and employment compliance misses
  • Have clear job descriptions that outline roles and responsibilities that align with business goals
  • Develop cross functional team effectiveness and eliminate team dysfunctions to improve production
  • Create a comprehensive company communication process that aligns the entire organization with strategic goals and operational objectives
  • Strategically reward top producers through an organized wage and compensation program
  • Measure everything that is important, including HR initiatives to build toward sustainable growth

Of course, growing at a 25% or greater rate is not an overnight proposition, but it is realistic and achievable.  A Harvard study shows that companies going “all in” with Real and meaningful HR programs have outperformed like firms in sales, profit, employee retention and market value by double or triple in results.  The CEO and top Leaders have to fully believe in the power of the Human Element to grow their business, then fully commit and invest in the programs to bring such power to life.  The combination of Great People with Great Processes and Innovative Thinking will separate your Company from your competitors that still believe their HR Programs are fine.


What’s New at Workforce Consultants?

At Workforce Consultants, we are on a campaign to continue our efforts to improve our services to our clients, while making the case to attract new clients.  Take a quick look at some of the things are new in 2019:



We have added great strength to our team of consultants.  This year we have added new consultants in San Diego, LA, the Inland Empire and Orange County. Most of our HR and Business Consultants have 20 years of real world HR and business experience and have the kind of skills that you will not find with a boutique HR firm in our size range.

Just to highlight one of our new consultants, like  Jean McFarland, a rare HR and Business expert blend who will lead our efforts to expand our clients beyond the function of tradition HR into Business Operations, Financial Advisory and Customer Service, in addition to HR Consulting.



We have positioned our efforts so that clients will easily understand the position of their HR strategy and how we may support their efforts for improvement.  We have identified four major tracks that capture a comprehensive approach to human resources – FOCUS TRACKS: CORE, COMPLIANCE, TALENT AND DEVELOPMENT. 





We have created programs to reward our loyal clients and provide incentive for those firms that are considering some form of HR outsourcing.  They include reward dollars for our services, referrals and certain programs.




We are a California based, boutique HR Firm that engage with clients of all size and industries. We are especially effective with firms that range between 50 to 250 employees. We guide our clients to protect their firms from costly employment lawsuits and safety incidents (and WC costs), but more importantly provide the tools and guidance to grow your business performance in production and revenue through the human element and important business processes.

For more information, contact us at 760-459-8619 or Service@WorkforceConsultants.us. Ask for Greg Wilson or Sarah Boozer.