Premier Organizational Development and HR Solutions

The Core HR Services represent the essential and fundamental programs that govern the entire employment cycle. Every employer has some form of Core HR already in place. We utilize key features of this Track to focus on the employment life cycle and organized processes from Pre-Employment planning through the Entire Active Employment Cycle; all the way through the Post Employment process. We ensure that your processes are clear, effective and legal and fit into the culture of your business. We will review, develop (or revise) and implement your Core HR Programs so you do not have to worry about them.

We begin our Core services engagement by examining all Immediate Employee Relations threats that may exist in your company. We take an active partnership with clients to resolve and prevent future exposures to employment threats. This is followed by a
Full HR Audit. The Audit is a complete and confidential review of legal employment, HR operations, Business Operations and Process, employee engagement (random survey interviews 25% – 50% of staff and management) and safety practices. We’ll schedule a follow up advisory session with a written report of findings and recommendations.

Core Service Features

  • The HR Audit
  • Pre Employment ProcessingPayroll Administration
  • HR Information Systems Management
  • Benefits Management
  • Background Checks and Employee Testing
  • New Hire On-Boarding Program
  • Frontline Employee Recruiting
  • 24/7 Employee Hotline Administration
  • Employee Relations Management
  • Post Employment Processing
  • Advisory and Coaching by seasoned HR Professionals